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Painting + Sculpture + Photography + Video

Ingrid Mwangi (*1975, Nairobi) and Robert Hutter (*1975, Ludwigshafen) cohere artistically and act as such as a unified organism. Intentionally they distance themselves from the term collective, because their symbiosis is a much more profound relationship not only restricted to their artistic creativity but also invading their private and individual reality as spouses.The trick to mesh their biographies from 2005 and to create an own curriculum vitae for Mwangi Hutter that works together with a fictitious birthplace, so to speak as a cross-section of both, is to be understood as a plea to overcome boundaries.

The principles of overcoming boundaries are omnipresent in Mwangi Hutter´s work. And it does not merely refer to the battle of the sexes and local independence but to human´s fundamental search for identity in modern information era. How can the human being as individual cope with the flood of information, which is not based on own experiences? Which perception can be obtained thereby? What defines human nature? How can humans correlate? Where is the human being located within the tangible world? These questions open up in Mwangi Hutter´s work to the wide range of topics of violence, nature, dualism, individuality, loss and love.

Whereas in the beginning of their already 15 year lasting artistic collaboration they had been focusing on specific issues like racism, feminism, war and violence in media, their perspective changed meanwhile into a subtile inner view.