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August Macke im Salon

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AUGUST MACKE in the Salon II


April 22 – May 20, 2016

always Friday 12 pm – 6 pm
Due to limited space a reservation is needed:


Thousands of visitors in the Salon in Schillerstraße 15 and a huge and jubilant media response: ‚August Macke in the Salon’ was the title of this extraordinary exhibition that ended on April 2, 2016. Due to the strong demand and limited space many people were disappointed not to get the opportunity to see the exhibition during the last days of March, thus we decided for a new edition. ‚August Macke im Salon II’ means two rooms in the Salon and numerous new paintings of the expressionist painter. At the center of this new edition will be the painting ‚Nacktes Mädchen mit roter Blume (Gelber Akt)’, made in 1911. Altogether eighteen works, dating from 1907 to 1914, will be shown. The selection made by Alexander Ochs sheds a light on the development of Macke’s work. Without hiding his enthusiasm, writer and art dealer Florian Illies wrote: ‘It is lovely: intimate, sometimes touching, sometimes passionate . . . small sketches that lead quite directly to Macke’s essence.’

in the Salon

works from 1903 – 1914

Installation Views by Marcus Schneider

Painter, drawer and sculptor, creator of applied arts and interior design, an artist working across the disciplines who refused stylistic and thematic definition: this show of 28 works curated by Alexander Ochs—the most extensive show of Macke’s work in Berlin to date, since many of the works were never shown publically—underscores his influence on the art of the twentieth century and today.

August Macke, an impressionist in his very young years and later one of the most important artists of German expressionism, lived a very brief life of only 27 years, but left behind an immense oeuvre in terms of both its size and diversity. As early as age 16 he painted works that still retain their relevance, and one of these works – Bogenschütze/ archer –  painted in 1903 opens this exhibition at the Berlin-Charlottenburg salon.

After completing his studies at Düsseldorf’s art academy in 1906, Macke created stage designs for Düsseldorf’s theater. This was followed by trips to Paris, Berlin, and Switzerland and encounters with Louis Moilliet, Karl Hofer, and Lovis Corinth. He engaged with Islamic art, became friends with the Franz Marc, an artist seven years his elder, in 1910, who then introduced him to the artists’ group Der Blaue Reiter. Through Marc he met Robert Delaunay, an encounter that would be rich in consequences, since Macke then reduced his formal language by integrating elements of cubism and futurism into his painting. In 1913, Macke was a co-initiator of the First German Fall Salon in a location on Berlin’s Postdamer Straße, a large exhibition he undertook together with Franz Marc. The show became a great disappointment for him: ravaged by the critics and not accepted by the public, it became a commercial disaster. Berlin art patron and collector Bernhard Koehler had to come to his assistance with thousands of Reichsmark. In the selection of works shown at the salon, the 1911 portrait study of Koehler’s wife Katharina clarifies the relationship between Macke and the Koehler family.

In April 1914, a few months before his death, he traveled with Louis Moillet and Paul Klee to Tunis. After his return, he worked as “It was as if he were working in a delirium a fever, to achieve as many of his goals as possible,” in the words of his friend and biographer the writer and journalist Lothar Erdmann, the second husband of his wife Elizabeth. The socialist Erdmann, who was later murdered at the concentration camp Sachsenhausen in 1939, wrote at the time: “He felt the unavoidable, not as a general fate, but as the end of his path, the abruption of his work, the beginning of a sure end.” It was during this period that he created the watercolor Händler mit Krügen/ Merchant with Tankards, this last work in the current hanging August Macke in the Salon.

Florian Illies, art dealer, writer, and journalist, judged the largely small format drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, ink drawings, and sketches by Macke that were created between 1903 and 1914 after a preview: “It is lovely: intimate, sometimes touching, sometimes passionate . . . small sketches that lead quite directly to Macke’s essence.”



17 Feb – 2 Apr

Wed – Fri 12 – 6 pm


You are welcome, admisson only with prior registration:
Phone +49 – (0)30 – 450 86 878



3 March 2016, 5 pm


with Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schulze Altcappenberg,

Director of the Kupferstichkabinett – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

meeting: Kupferstichkabinett,

Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin

following collective ride to Schillerstraße 15 and guiding through the exhibition in the salon

due to the limited space, please send a notification if you want to join